NZ Data has the expertise to design, supply, deploy and support standards-based data cabling solutions covering fibre and high performing copper cabling technologies.

    • Structured CablingStructured Cabling: 

      We provide innovative solutions to support your voice or data application requirements that add bandwidth, performance and functionality to your network. and can encompass single or multiple locations.

      From fibre optic to high performing copper cabling, NZ Data offers structured cabling solutions designed to ensure your infrastructure supports the latest technologies, are cost effective and gives you future-proof options for your enterprise network.

      NZ Data provides the following Structured Cabling Services:
      - Consultancy and Design     - Project Management     - Fluke DTX Testing     - Fusion Splicing      - Product Supply     - Implementation
      - On-line Quality Control      - On-line Documentation     - Parts and Labour Warranties     - Physical Infrastructure Trouble Shooting

    • Intelligent Patching Solutions:

      NZ Data is only one of two certified Systimax iPatch approved integration companies.

      Built on world renowned high-performance copper and fibre connectivity, Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions are more than just hardware - they are comprehensive, fully supported solutions that have been engineered to help you document, manage and monitor your physical network infrastructure.

      Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions give you the vision and knowledge you need to be in control. NZ Data solutions seamlessly incorporate patching and integrated cable management to deliver an ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing solution that saves you time, space and money.

    • Copper Solutions: Copper Cabling

      From solutions that fully comply with the ratified IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T standard to solutions that exceeds Category 6A / Class Ea standard, NZ Data has the structured cabling capabilities needed to meet your mission-critical network and business requirements that comply with local and international standards.

      From high density IDC solutions to highly manageable RJ45 Patch panel solutions NZ Data will design a solution to meet your unique environment and ability to manage complex cabling solutions with ease.

      • Fibre Optic Distributed Networks
      • Blow Fibre
      • Passive Optical deployments
      • Data Centres
      • Backbone design
      • Fibre to the Desktop
    • Fibre Solutions: 

      NZ Data delivers optimal fibre solutions to ensure high performance and long-term reliability of data transmission for your network. Our tailored fibre solutions are designed to cost effectively prepare enterprise campus and data centres for next-generation equipment now and into the future.

      With expertise in virtually all fibre types, NZ Data can design and implement a solution for any environment. From OM4 Multimode to OS2 Single mode fibre type and everything in between.

      Fibre specific solutions include:Fibre Cabling

      Architecturally design, implemented and supported fibre infrastructure to support your choice of fibre Optical technology

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