The Business rules have changed in every industry. The spread of Digital and disruptive technologies is transforming business models and processes, requiring leaders to be flexible and responsive, while maintaining solid business practices.

At NZ Data Digital we know that every client’s requirements are unique. We offer you a digital engagement experience through an Online Business Assessment portal as part of the initial discovery process. This is a fast track, low cost self-assessment service used to inform leadership teams on business priority areas and identify opportunities to transform organisations using Digital technologies and processes. Through this process we can provide you a ‘heat-map’ gap assessment view between current state, desired state and industry norm to help you establish priorities and areas of focus. NZDD offers a wide range of Assessment Services to organisations.

  • Virtual Digital Officer Engagement and advisory
  • Digital Transformation Assessment and monitoring
  • Business Assessment
  • Security Assessments
  • Roadmap and Strategic planning
  • Resourcing Services
  • Strategy tracking

Our industry experts will offer guidance through the assessment process and if required, are able to co-ordinate and leverage across a wide range of subject matter boutique specialist digital partners to deliver a full range of digital services through our Digital Enablement service.