NZ Data Digital is Mist Systems reseller and integration partner in New Zealand. Mist Systems offer Advance Learning AI Wireless networks.  Think centrally and act locally through a combination of cloud-based intelligence and enterprise-grade Access Points. Mist’s AI engine, Marvis™, simplifies Wi-Fi operations and delivers personalized indoor location services.

The Wireless Services available on the Mist Learning WLAN include:

Virtual Network Assistant:  

AI-Driven Assistant for Simplified Wireless Operations & Integrated Helpdesk

VNA brings NLP to network operations so IT staff can easily understand their network and client environments without having to manually sift through a myriad of data in numerous locations.

 Wi-Fi Assurance Service: 

Business Critical Wi-Fi: Fast, Reliable, and Proactive

Mist uses machine learning to automate Wi-Fi operations. The result: Wi-Fi that is predictable, reliable, and cost effective. Key technical features of the Mist solution include:

Enterprise-Grade Bluetooth® LE Services:

Accurate, Scalable, and Real-time

With Mist, Location is Everything. The world is ready for indoor location services. With Mist’s following unique Bluetooth® LE features, you are too:

Bluetooth® LE Engagement Service

Deliver indoor location-based services to your mobile devices, such as turn-by-turn directions and contextually relevant messages.

Asset Visibility Service

Get full visibility into people and things using standards-based Bluetooth® LE services.

    Easily locate key resources, like nurses, security guards, and sales associates
  • Track IV pumps, forklifts, and high value assets with Bluetooth® LE tags